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In the Winter issue of Fifty-Five Plus Magazine, Dr. Maroon address the importance of maintaining brain health. In the article, Dr. Maroon notes several often-overlooked causes of poor brain function that can be corrected with simple lifestyle changes.

The Importance of Sleep
Poor sleep may lead to serious issues like car accidents, but it routinely impairs our ability to concentrate and to assimilate new information. Lack of sleep also causes more stress on the brain, which in turn leads to cravings for sugary foods that can cause weight gain.

The Need to Reduce Stress
Consistently high levels of stress releases hormones like cortisol into our systems, which can cause significant vascular, brain, and heart damage. Chronic stress also releases inflammatory chemicals that can directly impair our ability to remember new information.

Dr. Maroon’s article discuss ways to overcome these and other brain cell killers to help keep your brain healthy for a lifetime.

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