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Square One books signing at Sewickley’s Penguins Bookshop on March 4

Dr. Joseph Maroon and Square One co-author Carrie Zuberbuhler Kennedy will be visiting the Penguin Bookshop on March 4 between the hours of noon and 2 pm. This will be their first appearance at an independent bookstore, so please stop in to visit with the authors and leave with a stack of books, including an autographed copy of Square One!

The historic Penguin Bookshop is located at 417 Beaver Street in the heart of Sewickley’s shopping district. For more information or to pre-order the book, please call 412-741-3838 or visit the store online at penguinbookshop.com

Dr. Maroon writes article on brain health for Pittsburgh’s Fifty-Five Plus Magazine

In the Winter issue of Fifty-Five Plus Magazine, Dr. Maroon address the importance of maintaining brain health. In the article, Dr. Maroon notes several often-overlooked causes of poor brain function that can be corrected with simple lifestyle changes.

The Importance of Sleep
Poor sleep may lead to serious issues like car accidents, but it routinely impairs our ability to concentrate and to assimilate new information. Lack of sleep also causes more stress on the brain, which in turn leads to cravings for sugary foods that can cause weight gain.

The Need to Reduce Stress
Consistently high levels of stress releases hormones like cortisol into our systems, which can cause significant vascular, brain, and heart damage. Chronic stress also releases inflammatory chemicals that can directly impair our ability to remember new information.

Dr. Maroon’s article discuss ways to overcome these and other brain cell killers to help keep your brain healthy for a lifetime.

Read the entire article

Dr. Maroon speaks on issue of work/life balance

Dr. Maroon was recently asked by the team at St. Barnabas to speak at their annual CEO Leadership Conference. Founded 116 years ago, St. Barnabas is one of Pennsylvania’s largest health care systems and offers comprehensive care for people of all ages. They have four suburban campuses for retirees that all offer educational enrichment and a range of supportive health care. Dr. Maroon took the opportunity to discuss brain care health and how unbalanced living can affect people of any age and profession.

This video shows just a few minutes of Dr. Maroon’s lecture at St. Barnabas.


Dr. Maroon to speak to Garden of Life’s sales team

The national sales meeting for Garden of Life, the country’s highest ranking health food store brand, will be held in Florida at the end of January. After reading an advance copy of Square One, Garden of Life’s president Brian Ray asked Joe to speak to his sales team about the danger of physical and emotional burnout and Joe’s personal experience of seeking a healthier and more balanced life. Joe will be joined by other featured speakers, including Allyson Felix, who has won gold and silver medals as an Olympic track and field sprinter.

Garden of Life’s primary mission is to Empower Extraordinary Health by providing the highest-quality, USDA Organic, Certified Non-GMO, RAW, whole food nutritional products on the market. Of equal importance is that they do so while preserving the integrity of our planet through eco-friendly initiatives and helping those who are less fortunate by supporting various philanthropic organizations throughout the world.


Dr. Maroon to speak at leading health products company’s annual meeting

Kyle Bliffert, Executive Vice President of Atrium Innovations, invited Joe Maroon to speak at his company’s annual sales meeting on February 2 in Pittsburgh. Over 400 members of Atrium’s sales team will gather in the city’s beautiful Heinz History Museum for an awards ceremony and to hear Maroon address the benefits of leading a healthy, creative, and balanced life. Each person in the audience will then go home with a personal copy of Square One as a gift from Atrium. 


Atrium Innovations is recognized around the world as an innovative leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of science-based nutritional health products. 

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